We have now changed to a single year membership. Sign up at RaceDayWorld. The membership year is now a rolling 12 month period and your new membership period will begin when you renew your membership. You must be a member in order to receive race entry discounts, sign up for MAAC Track, attend MAAC socials and participate in the club championship.


Regular vs Gold


  • Normal memberships offer discounts to MAAC races.
  • Gold memberships offer free entry to all MAAC races (excludes $8BNAA fee and any processing fees)


Individual vs. Family


You can sign up as an individual or as a family and receive discounts for all family members. The family is generally considered to be parents and up to 3 children aged under 18. Contact us at if you think you have a special situation. 


Are you a Member?


Check your profile at RaceDayWorld and look for My Club Memberships. You should see your MAAC membership there. Click on the club and then you should see a Members option on the list and you can search the membership list.