Committee Members

Name Role Responsibility
Chris Jones President Chairing meetings, AGM & making decisions!
Darin Cassidy Vice President Help make decisions, manage club championship
Ian Davies Treasurer Managing finances, pay people, chase people who haven't paid
Sharon Craig Club Secretary Minutes, and general organising of everything
Victoria Fiddick MAAC Junior's coach Coaches and manages the MAAC Juniors
Steven Ortiz MAAC Track coordinator Organizes MAAC track
Catherine Mello MAAC Race Coordinator Coordinates with Race Directors and ensures they have the 3 P's - Police, Permits and Portaloos. 
Marty Merritt Internal Race Coordinator Organises entry to overseas races such as London Marathon
**** Website Manager Manages MAAC website
John Thompson Newsletter Sends out weekly newsletter
Mark Harris  Ultra Runner & BNAA Co-ordinator  Co-ordinates with BNAA and other ultra runners

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President Report 2017